Tracy Anderson workout

I think so!

I am going to do this:

Begin a system in which I workout, have goals, and when the goals are reached I treat myself to certain things I have wanted for a while.

Ok so…

Goal 1: Lose 5lbs 

Treat 1: Buy a new pair of shoes

Goal 2 : to run a 5k easily

Treat 2: Nose piercing

Goal 3: Lose 10lbs

Treat 3: Gym membership

Goal 4: To have good abs

Treat 4: Buy new underwear

Goal 5: To have an excellent body fat percentage

Treat 5: Buy a Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor in pink

Goal 6: To get to UGW

Treat 6: New Wardrobe

Goal 7: To maintain my weight, workouts, lifestyle etc.

Treat 7: (only after 3 months of maintaining) Beats by Dre pink studio headphones

Let me know your treats/goals … INSPIRE ME!!! Also, I will be on tumblr every day now, recording workouts, food logs, weight etc. SO I want more blogs to follow!!! 

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